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Order of the Golden Hoo Hoo v 2.0's Journal
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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
7:42 pm
Addressing Complaints
Well, after last game I got plenty of response about what went on at the session and most of it was not positive response. I received complaints about a plot thread that was specific to only a small part of the group which was perceived as exclusionary to the majority of the group. I received complaints about people not trying to participate in the roleplaying. I received complaints about ideas being ignored (this is actually an ongoing complaint that which I have heard at one time or another from most of the people in the game at one time or another). I will attempt to address some of the complaints here.

Plot threads will be addressed in the game and they may be specific to certain characters which may mean some characters will not be at center stage during these times. I will attempt to give everyone a chance to shine individually at some point during the game so be courteous when the spotlight is on someone else. I will also now limit in game discussions of narrow plot lines to a maximum of one hour. Anything else which needs to be addressed on a narrow plot line can be addressed here at length so that we have more game opportunity for everyone else.

Participation during a gaming session is necessary for all players even if your character is not directly in the spotlight. I have tried to include opportunities for every character to roleplay in all gaming situations, even if the role is not particularly large. Eventually every character will have the chance in the spotlight and the other players will be supporting you. Show some interest in what other characters are doing and they will be much more likely to show interest in what your character is doing.

Ideas will be thrown out in every game, sometimes in a very heated discussion, and they may get missed or ignored. Players cannot take their ideas not being heard or adopted personally (although this can be very difficult and I myself have been guilty of taking it personally when my ideas or suggestions have been ignored or not chosen) because eventually your idea will get picked one time and somebody else will feel slighted. I will attempt to help the situation by laying out previous plot points at the beginning of each session so that their is more of a framework in which to offer suggestions as it seems gaming sessions run smoother when I make the more structured as opposed to free form.

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Monday, January 8th, 2007
1:37 pm
Psychology of Deuce
First a little history....

1) Sold as a youth to a traveling bard (assassin) for money to feed his parents' large family.

2) Raised as a servant/rogue by said bard.

3) Abandoned by said bard, when caught seducing a king's daughter (on advice of the bard) and accused of assassinating the king.

4) Toyied with by Captain of the Guard in Zhent city...

5) Met Elf Scribe, moved Elf Scribe in with him, thinking she wouldn't abandon him.

6) Lost Elf Scribe when she was forced to turn evil by her kinsman, finding out she's a drider.

Obviously, Deuce has had issues with abandonment, and had been putting up a front to deal with it. The loss of the Drider girlfriend was the last straw however, and he thus has trouble putting up his front....

Any ideas on how to gt Deuce his 'smirk' back?
Thursday, November 30th, 2006
4:57 am
A Question
Since I have had a copious amount of free time of late and have been able to do some reading of my gaming materials it occurs to me that I might be able to create something using some plot ideas that I've seen combined with a couple of ideas of my own. The question now becomes would you guys rather use the module that I have or for me to bash some stuff together and see if I can't come up with something playable. The down side to me creating the game is it may take a bit of time which might cause a session to be missed whereas with the module we soldier on with no appreciable breaks. Feedback would be appreciated.

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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
5:19 pm
You know that great idea I had for New Years?

I completely forgot about what SO's would do. (Yeah, realistically only Sven, Woodchuck, and I have 'em, but still...) So, any ideas? (I doubt that watching TV or playing XBox is the ideal for any of them.)

Perhaps we should move the Midnight Madness Game (tm) to a different night? Beyond that I'm out of ideas. (This idea worked so much better back when I was single and the only SO was already part of the game. And no, becoming single again is not an option.)

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Saturday, September 30th, 2006
1:05 am
Yeah, I'm German
I can officially announce that I have the first GM combat chart completed in plenty of time for the next game. I will have to check a couple of things vs. the current versions of the character sheets as y'all got new stuff that may necessitate some adjustment on my numbers but hopefully this will speed up combat as much as I think it can. And the trains will run on time.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, September 24th, 2006
10:48 pm
Pretty Good Game
Well, I think the title says most of what I was wanting to say. I have figured out that I am going to need to make some more chart type things to make the combat run a bit smoother, especially with all the buff stuff, but that is a minor fix on my end. Well next session on to the more challenging areas of the adventure.

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Monday, September 11th, 2006
1:33 am
A hint for the last part of the current adventure, if at all practicable, do not use the Staff of Life. There is something insanely useful it can do coming up that might make the last part of the adventure MUCH easier.

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Monday, September 4th, 2006
10:53 pm
An Apology
Today's game was a bit longer than I gad anticipated due to many players and NPCs but I think it went reasonably well with the exception of a more than normal sensitivity to irritation on my part. I believe I was a bit more harsh than usual on some people today and I apologise for this. I would ask however that questions about game mechanics please wait until after game, as combat with a group this large takes significantly longer and time is a limited commodity. Thanks for an overall good game and I'll see everyone next Sunday.

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Monday, August 14th, 2006
11:22 pm
Well, I knew there was a reason for this exercise in editing other than to give myself a headache. I will say that the character sheets were pretty, accurate for the most part but that nobody had everything correct (although Chad and Dave were close, good job guys). Fortunately, the editing process is not taking very long, relatively speaking, and I should be able to have my cheat sheet ready soon. I would like to thank you all very much for taking the time and effort to make the extra character sheets that I requested, I think it will, in the end, speed up game play, especially combat, and thus make the game more enjoyable for everybody. See you all in two weeks.

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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
11:50 pm
Although we may be short the cleric for Sunday I still have every intention of running game as long as everybody else is still planning on being there. I'll probably do the NPC thing with the cleric if this is the case.
Tuesday, July 4th, 2006
1:31 am
Going to try to take the next game seriously since I should have plenty of time to prep for the game. I would appreciate everyone trying to take the game session a bit more seriously next time so we can get back into the good groove we were having.

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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
11:21 am
A question to the players (And ribbing of the GM)
If our glorious GM decided to run us through the SHORTEST Dungeon Ever(tm), would he:

A) Run it as-is.
B) Make it a Pie +1.
C) Make the Orc (Party Level x 4) and give the Orc a legacy weapon.
D) Make the Orc a Shifter.
E) Dismiss the combat entirely so he could run the Pie Factory expansion.

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Friday, May 26th, 2006
3:58 am
Things You Think About At 4AM
So this is what I came up with in my mind for casting a movie based on the campaign as it currently stands:

Deuce: Jack Black
Arik: William H. Macy
Bran: John Cusack
Sven: Ben Stiller
Maeve: Janeane Garofolo
Jorr (NPC Ranger): Christopher Walken

Don't have anybody in mind for villain roles yet but characterizations usually come to me when performing the role based on class, level, and intent. Anyone who would like my reasoning behind the actor I chose for their character I will happily respond.

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
12:58 am
May 21
Just a little reminder from your friendly neighborhood DM that we have game this Sunday since there seemed to be the possibility of confusion about this. Start time will be One PM and we will be going until Five PM at a minimum. Please do not plan to leave early unless it is an emergency, since no one has given me any advanced warning about special needs for an early departure. Hopefully you check this fairly regularly, please respond letting me know that you know we're running.

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
3:10 pm
A ponderance. A posit, if you will....
I had an epiphany yesterday for a new game world/quest.

I could run it with standard D20, with a few items taken from D20 Modern.  Character Creation would be rather easy, and I'd start everyone out at 3rd Level.

But the question is, would anyone be willing to meet on alternate Sundays for it?

For those interested:

Character Creation:

Standard Items: Moneybag of Holding (Coins only), Reinforced Wooden Sword or Quarterstaff (Sword deals damage as a quarterstaff),
Backpack, Lighter (Zippo or 3x Bic), basic Clothes & Coat.  Take standard starting Gold.  Forfeit one Feat to double starting Gold.  (List "Double Gold" in your Feats List.)  Extra equipment can be bought at creation for 90% of list.

Classes: All characters start at Lv.3.  One level must be either Fighter, Thief, or Monk, the other Sorcerer or Cleric.  Third may be in either of the two.  The two classes you pick are the classes you're stuck with. (So you could be a 2 Fighter/1 Sorcerer or 1Thief/2 Cleric, but not 3 Monk)  Prestiege Classes will not be allowed unless we reach Epic Levels.  Customizing your character is done completely through skill points, feats, leveling choices, and role-playing.

Skill points:  All characters get an extra 3 Skill Points / level compared to PHB standards.  Maximums, however are now Level +1 instead of Level +3.  Skill: Computers is available as an in-class for your MU class and Thief.  Skill: Driving is available as an in-class for your Fighter/Thief/Monk

Feats: As per PHB.  Feel free to write your own/use expansions, but I will most likely be MORE strict on these than monkeyboy8867 is.

Races: PHB only.  Humans take -1 Con at creation.  Age should be mid-College age for the respective race.

Location: Feyrun.  Printing press has been invented, lightning harnessed and turned into incandescent light.  Brick, block, and stud & plaster construction has replaced stone and hewn log.  Think late 50's Europe/US technology levels.  However, due to all the years and years of being suppressed by roaming monsters, towns have stayed compact, with 5-10 story buildings in a small area with a guard contingent being favored over sprawl.  Gunpowder was considered inefficient compared to magic, and never persued.  The most advanced firearms are equivalent to 1800's cartridge revolvers and VERY expensive.

If y'all are interested, I'll start working the campaign up.

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Monday, May 8th, 2006
2:25 am
Good final combat today and overall good game, thought everybody had a chance to shine and game flowed pretty smoothly. Now on to the question early game or late game. I did like the late game in that it had less likelihood of people having shit to run away to thus causing shorter run times. I like running in the day though because sometimes it is nice to have time at the end of the day to do things with other people or just unwind. Feedback would be appreciated.

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
10:13 am
Would like fries with your dungeon?
Since the party pace didn't work out for the Orc Module...got some ideas for adventure plots...

Ok, I didn't write them, but still...

In Knights of the Dinner Table, they have a monthly feature call Bait and Tackle. Basically what it is are several basic 2 and 3 paragraph plot descriptions for Medieval Fntasy RP adventures. They don't have any write-ups, or anything like that, as it's for any system. I just thought they might give you ideas, as it's generic enough you can come up with your own power levels, treasure, etc.

I have several months of these articles. Some of them are decent, but I don't do more than glance at them in passing, as they don't really apply to what I do as a player. If you're interested and dry for ideas, feel free to borrow them.

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Saturday, March 4th, 2006
2:42 pm
Sven and what his plans are!
On returning to town sven intends to check the group into a nice hostel or fest hall. We really need serious R&R. In military terms we have been on active combat ops for near three months. We need a break before we go pyscho. I thing about a eek will do us good before we go off chasing Drow. During the first day I would like to pawn the items we don't need a dn disburse the money. I kinda also need to know what that much in jewelry looks like, one piece, 10 pieces, do I need to chop up a large gem and stuff, Use moving the items to begin establishing business contacts.

I would also like to look around and see if there is established warehouse space, preferably stone, and see about renting it or buying outright. stone and slate roof are prefered to minimize "accidental" fires. I want to do some serious research into the marketable goods needed into the area. I plan to start with bulk goods like grain and intoxicants (ale, wine, beer). I also would like it if my paramours guild happpened to be in the business of supplying caravan gaurds and contract with them for the gaurds. Business is business after all.

I also need to find out how I happen into piercing and learn its possiblities. I think it might be good to post a letter to our dark mistress and let her know that yes we are on the job but have run into some hitches. Don't mention what those hitches wereeeee. That might not be good. :)

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Monday, February 27th, 2006
10:09 pm
Chad, please post anything else you want your rapier idea (v2.0) to be considered potentially because I am going to try to create a Legacy item based on the ideas contained so far. It probably will not be exactly the same but similar enough that it should make you happy. Hope to have a rough initial info brief on what the item will do when you find it by Friday.

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Friday, February 24th, 2006
9:29 am
New Item!
Scabbard of Ruined Walks

Scabbard is approximately 4'6" high and is cylindrical. No weapons may be carried that aren't contained within the Scabbard.

Upon setting it down and activating a hidden lever, it opens up in 8 different directions, with a matched pair of swords in each opening.

Each pair of swords (Either Rapier & Scimitar or Long & Parrying Dagger) has one of 8 different properties:

1) Flaming
2) Frost
3) Shock
4) Wounding
5) Keen
6) Dancing
7) Ghost Touch
8) Holy

If any of the weapons are further from the Scabbard than 2 miles, submerged under water, or bent/broken, they automatically return to their place in the scabbard fully repaired, and 300 gold is removed from the owner's purse magically.

The Scabbard looks approximately like this:

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